vowels, consonants, and baths

I want to talk so bad, I move my mouth when I go in the computer room to get Sara to follow me.  She laughs.  Consonants are easy to figure out; vowels are pretty hard.  Consonants usually have the same sound. 

So a “B” sounds like b…b…b…b…b – you know bubbles.  But vowels, well that’s confusing – a lot!  If you put two together, then it can sound like almost anything, then change to another sound all together.

Like ae… ai… ou… ue…  Confusing!  Right?  How is a dog supposed to know that.Slide5

So guess what I did last Sunday.  A bath, I had to get a bath.  You try talking Sara out of something she wants to do.  And Sunday she wanted to give me a bath.  When it gets hot in Arizona, all the people leave to go to the mountains where it’s cool.  The fleas come out like tourists in January at the Gem Show.

That’s why I didn’t write on Sunday, because you can’t use wet paws to type on the computer.  I was really wet. 

But don’t tell Sara, I like being really clean and smelling good.  She might make me take a bath every week.  I like when she uses nice smelling dog shampoo and I get really clean.  Besides the hose had been sitting in the sun all day and the water was really warm. 

After I shake off all the water she wraps me up in a big towel, and hugs me dry.  Then I take a long nap.  It’s like a spa for dogs.  Then no more flea bites.  I’m clean and shiny.  And look at this, I have my own vowel.


hot, hot, hot

It’s just hot, plain old hot, too hot to write anything.  I think I’ll go take a nap in front of the fan.  Oh no, what is happening to my ears.


old dog, new tricks

Sometimes Emily and I are real brats, but Sara doesn’t seem to mind.  She loves us anyway, just uses other ways to get our attention.  I told you about the great smell of her turkey burgers?  Well when she gave us dinner the night after the turkey burger night, it was dog food.  Regular dog food.  Emily and I decided to hold out for more turkey gravy.  When she put our food bowls down, we went and laid down on our beds and refused to eat.  Sara went into the other room to do her work. 

We didn’t eat one bite.  We were starving, but we were on strike, bring on the turkey.  Bring on the turkey!  We want turkey!  Starving, we were starving, but we wouldn’t eat our dog food.Woody Baby

Sara waited for us to finish our dinner, but we wouldn’t eat.  An hour later she came in and picked up the food bowls.  I don’t know where she took our food, but it was gone.  She didn’t yell, she didn’t get mad, she didn’t even say “bad dogs.”  She just took our food away and it was gone. 

Then she went in the other room.  I think she was watching America’s Got Talent on TV. I went in to see if she had the food in the other room.  No food.

Emily and I checked the whole house.  No food.  No milk bones, either.  OMG we are going to starve to death.  Oh Sara, bring back our food, please, we’ll eat, we’ll be good dogs just bring back our food bowls. 

“Emily, I told you it was a bad idea to go out on strike,” Eli barked.

“Well it worked last time,” Emily barked back.

“It’s nine o’clock and no food.  I’m starving and no food.  What if she goes to sleep and doesn’t feed us till morning.  I will die for sure,” Eli cried.

Just then Sara went into the kitchen to make some tea.  I followed and sat down in front of the fridge and looked at her with my saddest puppy dog eyes.  Sara reached over to the counter took down two bowls of dog food, took them over, then put them on the floor in front of me and Emily and went back to watching television. 

When the teapot whistled, she came back into the kitchen to make tea.  We licked our bowls clean.  Sara brought in a bunch of red, green, and yellow dog treats and gave each of us 10 treats.  Wow, food and milk bones!  Sara wanted to make sure we learned our lesson.

Before I fell asleep night, I leaned over and whispered to Emily, “I’m never going on strike again.  I like dog food too much.”


my BFF Emily

Before Sara rescued me, she rescued Emily.  Emily was born in the projects in Shaker Heights, Ohio.  Sara got her just before Christmas December 1997.  Emily was a brat running around the house and she jumped into Sara’s lap and licked her chin.  They fell in love with each other, so Sara wrote a check and gave it to the guy and took Emily home in a box that she put in the back of her car.

When I came to live with them, Emily was a year and a half old and a lot bigger than me.  After I got well, Emily would wash my face and clean my ears.  I think Emily thought I was her puppy.  I call her my sister but she’s really not.

Emily liked me a lot once I was well enough, we played all the time in the back yard.  We liked to chase each other around.  Sometimes I would run and grab Emily’s tail and pull her, the she would snap at me.  I would let go of her tail and then she would chase me.  And we both like to chase lizards.  Sometimes she even brings me her milk bones.  Here is a picture of Emily and me when she likes me. 

BFF nice

Nice Emily

I learned not to bother Emily when she’s eating her dinner.  She gets mean.  She growls, she’s scary, and I’m afraid of her.  Look at this picture.  Doesn’t she look scary? This is what Emily does when she wants me to stay away from her food.  I go into Sara’s room and stay close to her.  Sara will save me if Emily gets mean.  She’ll tell her she’s a bad dog and to leave me alone.

Scary EmilyBFF scary

dog to the rescue (Hefei, China)

China Surrogate Dog Mother
China Surrogate Dog Mother

In this photo taken Sunday, July 26, 2009, three lion cubs and a tiger cub, top, play with their surrogate mother, a dog, in a safari in Hefei, central China’s Anhui province. The dog has been feeding the cubs since June after their biological mothers abandoned them. (AP Photo)   CHINA OUT

Look what Sara found when she was reading the news on the Internet.  Dogs are great mothers!  This dog is rescuing three baby lions and a baby tiger or they might have starved.  Next time you see a stray dog, please take care of them and find them a home.  Or go to an animal shelter near you and rescue a lost animal.  God will be grateful and you will to.
Love, Eli

Oscar & Sophie (Massachusetts)

Oh, yeah, oh yeah look at this.  Can you believe it?  I have a Facebook page which Sara made for me so we could help the Humane Society, other great animal causes, and post these stories.  Well, Sara went to Central High School with Alan Rohwer who lives with his family in Massachusetts.  That’s far away from Arizona.  And this morning Alan sent me these pictures of his best buddies that live with him.  Their names are Oscar and Sophie and in the picture they’re waiting for their treats and a walk.  “Come on Alan, let’s go,” say both dogs at the same time.

Oscar & Sophie

Oscar & Sophie

Look at this one taken by Alan’s son David.  The Statute of Liberty in New York City.  Taken from an airplane.  I’ve never been on an airplane.  Maybe Sara will take me.  I like doing new stuff.  So welcome to my blog Rohwer family.  Come back and visit me often.  And tell all your dog friends.  Oh, what I really want to know, is how do you fly an airplane and take a picture.  Must be very hard.  But it sure is a beautiful picture.  Thanks David.  Eli

Statute of Liberty - NYC

by Alan Rohwer - Statute of Liberty - NYC

Leroy Brown & Jupiter (Colorado)

From our special friend Jaymie Thorne in Colorado…

I gave Leroy puppy his Sunday bath.  We go to puppy class in a couple of hours.  He does great at class but wants to be in charge at home.  I think he is toying with us.  Maybe he is afraid we will be embarrassed if he doesn’t play along in class?  Do you have a favorite training method or book to recommend?  I am always open to suggestions.

Leroy Brown

Leroy Brown

Puppies top out on treat rewards really fast!  Leroy laid down after class was over and refused to walk with or without a leash.  The instructor tried treats and Leroy looked away bored (and probably to burp, he has some manners).  The treats filled him up even though we cut the smallest treats available in half.  He did seem to enjoy riding around PetSmart in the cart after class.



Jupiter, our 15 year old American Eskimo, looking stoic (likely putting on her best “I am ignoring you” face for Leroy).  She’s been clipped short for the summer.

From Eli…

Isn’t this exciting?  More dog friends, Leroy Brown and Jupiter.  So many dogs to play with, so little time.

Look at the note we got from Jaymie – Leroy is having an operation.  Dr. Warfield and the Humane Society says it’s great  to have your puppies and dogs nutered and spayed. 

From Jaymie  August 11, 2009 – Leroy is getting neutered today so that we don’t end up with any distracting new puppies. In the meantime, poor Jupiter, I think she’s changed her mind about him. She’s waiting by the front window for him.

From Eli ~ Jaymie sent an email to Sara.  Leroy is fine and eating all the food he can because he’s starving.  Way to go Leroy!  See if you can get extra treats.  We are so happy you are well.   And that you have Jupiter to play with.  Hugs and sniffs from Arizona.

From Me Leroy ~ I’m doing fine today after going to the vet yesterday.  Jaymie gave me some medicine this morning to make me more comfortable while my stitches heal.  Note to others…if you keep spitting out the little white crunchy thing (pills) you get more cheese.  I love cheese.